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She Believed

Born in Asia, growing up in The Netherlands and spending most of my teenage years in the United States of America made me quite a young world traveler. Nowadays, after living in the Amsterdam area for over a decade where I’ve lived with the love of my life of 11 years, my hubby and my best friend, named Marlo, we have recently moved back to our hometown Breda after the birth of our biggest dream come true; our daughter Flora-Aurora

While we love being settled down in our hometown with our loving family of three, adventure will always run through our veins and so there are still so much travel destinations on our bucket list and then there’s the part where I left my heart in the USA. Both hubby and I have a life-long desire to move there permanently and grow old there, so if we ever get that chance we will, for sure, take it with both hands and until then we plan on going on many more USA trips and introduce our daughter to our happiest place as soon as possible! (to start with a big trip to Orlando in 2018)

With lots of goals, dreams and wishes on my upcoming  5 year life-plan, I am always focusing on getting my creative career going into exciting directions. I have been a creative free spirit ever since I was a little girl. My young days involved making up stories and bringing them to life, dressing up and stealing the spotlights, turning everything I touched into an art piece, wandering off to own my little world of fairy tales and being wowed by everything cute…hmm I guess not much has changed since then!?

Basically I’ve always known I needed to end up doing something creative, because I would seriously suck at anything else and be completely miserable. That being a fact early on, I took art, musical and theater classes next to my regular classes, took part of competitions and talent shows and eventually studied performing and fine arts in both the U.S and Amsterdam.

Performing Arts were always my number 1 priority and Fine Arts were my number 1 hobby. I was always certain I would end up being a singing actress doing fine arts in her free time. There was a time where that was almost my reality, having professional jobs here and there and weekly castings, I was pretty close until bad luck ruined it all. The wrong time, the wrong weather (snow) and a lot of bad luck caused an accident, which later on caused me post-traumatic dystrophy; first in my left leg and later, after surgery, also in my right leg. A chronic illness that damages nerves and muscles and causes 24/7 pains. Seems pretty clear that the casting life wasn’t for me anymore. It was a lot to overcome, but I am not one to let dreams go and give up so that’s what I did not do.

I might never be successful becoming that singing actress anymore but I can still create art, I can still entertain people with my creations. My number 1 hobby became my number 1 priority and I don’t see it as a second choice, I see it as a blessing that I could turn it into that. My true calling has become creating art, in any form I am capable of.

I love being an illustrator and designer, it’s not just a job, it’s what I live and breathe. I now have a wonderful work place from home and get to create the most fun things for clients and I hope to  add so much more to the list of goals and plans. In the past 5,5 years, my first children’s book was published, I was featured in several magazines, did exhibitions and gained several clients in the greeting-card and design industry. I am fully focused on all my current jobs and  I am always striving for even more awesome clients to work with, more collaborations, more jobs and to just entertain and inspire others with what I create, for the rest of my life!

Although some things have become a lot harder for me, now that I have restrictions, it only made me more strong-willed to achieve what I want. My dreams have become bigger and my goals have become greater and I will never stop reaching for the stars.

I have so many wonderful things to work towards to and I am lucky to have the best and most supportive husband, sweetest little girl, awesome family and best friends along for the ride.

To Inspire and to be Inspired,



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