The Studio

Happy Place


Tales by Jasmijn. Desk Illustration2

My Happy Place

My new creative studio aka home office aka Jassy’s Workshop is at a new address. New pictures coming soon

Jassy’s Workshop is a place where Dreams come to live and Magic is created

The most important aspects my new studio needed to have

  • A practical place: Now that I have gained several clients for my job as an illustrator & graphic designer, do commissions and have sponsors as a blogger, I obviously get busier each day, so I really needed a work place that is practical for all that I do; from digitally & traditionally designing to blogging and everything in between. Also unfortunately I always need to take my dystrophy in consideration, so the furniture and set up not only needed to be practical but also comfortable with everything within reach.
  • An inspirational place: Being surrounded by lots of inspirational things and creativity is a definite must when you work as a creative and helps creating the most magical things.
  • A cozy place: for me to actually work and enjoy working in my new studio instead of the living room downstairs, it needed to be cozy, super cozy!

Covered in bright white and pastel pink walls, a clean but also cozy overall look, surrounded by all my favorite characters and little inspiring details everywhere, this is definitely a place where I’ll be spending hours creating the most enchanting things!